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They can't even maintain internal consistency for the main reaction they have ...
It's EA. They'll still clean all this stuff up. I'm sure.


Larian seem very well organised, they have a large army of internal testers to do all the Quality Assessment they need, and they might even have a large army of feedback gatherers who can process everything we report on these forums. So, provided there is some will to deliver a clean product, I don't see how minor things like the name of a mechanical feature would slip through the mesh of the cleaning net/sweeper.

On the other hand ... well, I don't have any degree in software engineering, but I would have assumed that a good approach to coding something would be "first, get it okay, then, get it better, finally, get it perfect". I think I remember Swen, during the first Panel From Hell, saying Larian likes to iterate a lot. And David Walgrave talked again about that iteration philosophy in the Wireframe interview. Maybe they prefer to start with a mediocre version of any given feature. This way, they can iterate more before they get it perfect. Sure, it will take more work, which could have been devoted to other features, but maybe they focus on the journey more than the destination.

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Sometimes they call it by its correct name "Opportunity Attack", and sometimes they call it by the name that was used in earlier editions but is not correct in 5e - "Attack of opportunity", and it flip-flops back and forth depending on where you look. This may not seem like a big thing, but it's hard to have faith in a company doing right by a ruleset in their adaptation of it, if they cannot even maintain internal consistency with the terms of reference they use.

In defence of Larian, maybe they're not aiming for internal consistency ?

I mean, some writers made time a big pressure in the story, while some other devs programmed the camp cutscenes so that you need to rest frequently if you want to see them all. Some PR folks made a big thing out of verticality, but the devs still program mostly for a 2D game world. The speed of the enemy AI hasn't dramatically improved, but Patch 4 made the fight against the Druids during the Minthara's Attack involve even more numerous (and tankier) enemies. I can no longer list the Jump/Disengage action that would expose you to Opportunity Attacks, but I could easily go on. Point is, perhaps it's unfair to criticise them for lack of internal consistency if that is not what they're shooting for.