This is such a deeply saddening, scary and gut wrenching shit show, really shows you what's important in life and what a luxury it is/was to be able to spend our time playing and debating video-games instead of being forced to acknowledge that our ordinary silly lives depend on the whims of fascistoid totalitarian leaders. Strong feelings of support from my side for anyone involved and made to suffer because of fucking putler's cruelty. Let's hope we see him dance the Mussolini-swing on that sweet Ghadaffi street-beat sooner or later ! Also please Larian, Take care of any staff or relatives thereof you might help with the resources you have. I couldn't give a fuck about BG3 and rather have my EA money donated to taxi's or food for Larian people needing help. Take care and stay courageous, truth is on our side and victory will be too inevitably. Fuck Putin.