I go back and forth, personally. There are SO many areas that would make perfect Short Rest spots and so many Long Rest spots. As I'm replaying, I pass areas where I think, "That would be a perfect Short Rest spot. Why not make it one?

Like the benches outside the crypt. Good Short Rest spot. Makes sense. When you go through the front door of the crypt. Good Long Rest spot. Fireplace and all. The game even suggests a long rest there with tool tips.

BUT you shouldn't be able to Long Rest there until AFTER you beat the mercs and clear the place. Then it opens up for Long Rest.

But, problem is, locations alone don't limit nothing. It's just annoying to many to have to backtrack to them instead of hit a button and magically teleport there. If there is 0 chance of threat, why make players jog to specific locations, and, again, no limits at all. Any time you want, you can just backtrack and rest.

And the. There's the fact that they already built these mini-camps. Should they just chuck them? Seems like such a waste for something that really doesn't impact the game much.

But I like the idea of actually using locations on the map. I feel like benches and bedrolls and campsites on the map are boring and wasted. I pass them by and think, "Why did they bother letting me click on bedrolls? What's the point of that? What a waste."