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Short Rest Cost 1 Camping Supply per Point of HP healed during rest.
+1 to idea ...
- bzillion to formula ...

1 suply per HP is simply too much. :-/
Either fix value ... or fix value per person should be enough.

Hmm. I suppose at later levels you could have situations where Short Rest is more expensive than Long.

Fine, back to something similar to what I originally had.

Short Rest = 2 Camp Supplies per character level in party (not in camp)

So, at camp you have MC and 5 origin characters. But, you only have MC and 3 origin characters in party. Level 4 = 16 character levels, so each short rest is 32 camping supplies. Meanwhile, Long Rest would be 120 because 6 level 4 characters at camp is 24 character levels x 5 camping supplies per character level.

Thus, 4 short rests would roughly = 1 long

That would still work in the early game because levels are low. You and SH at level 2 would only be 8 supplies per short rest, 20 per long. You, SH, A, G and L would be 24 per short at level 3 (party of 4) and 75 per long (camp of 5).

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