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Hmmm. The Random Encounters interrupting my resting happened to me a LOT, especially in Icewind Dale. Sometimes, I remember triggering a random encounter 3-6 times before finally getting a chance to rest. Each time, I slaughtered them easily enough with very little issues. So what good did it do? Nothing but annoy me. "Another random encounter?" I'd ask myself, and then painstakingly fight through it.

That said, I do agree that if Random Encounters were done well, it would enhance the game and it could be used for Long Rest discouragement in certain locations like the Hag's Lair. However, I fear that it won't be done well. Then we'll be stuck with annoying mob fights that mean very little because people will still spam Long Rests.

What's the problem if people spam long rest if you can avoid it BUT still have to manage a bit your ressources ?
Is that a problem in BG1/2 (or IWD) that you can rest everywhere ? I don't think so.

Well done or not is just a matter a numbers. I guess it's also not hard to tell the game "if you already have a random encounter during your attempt to rest, you cannot have another one right after".

Unlimited short rests would mean unlimited spellslots/day for a warlock.
On top of that, players would probably miss a lot of camps events. I really don't understand how it could be a solution, even if I totally support your suggestion to make supplies necessary for short rests too (at the moment food supply is only an "inventory management mechanic" and nothing more interresting).