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Why do # of camping supplies need to increase at higher levels? High level characters still eat the same amount of food as low-level characters.
I believe this intention was confrimmed by Swen.
Okay, but my question stands. Why do # of supplies need to increase?

A.) If players can buy food from merchants, and the idea is that players expend a similar fraction of their total wealth on camp supplies... A level 10 5e character should have like 100x or more wealth than a level 1-2 character -> so unless level 10 characters in BG3 require ~100x more rations to long rest then this won't actually be a limitation. And if they do require 100x more food, that's unreasonable and dumb.

B). If players cannot buy food from merchants - the only food you get is through exploration - then Larian can just tune the amount of food available in the world. No need for higher level characters to need to eat more, just have there be less food available.

Phrased as feedback instead of a question: if Larian wants to use food as a way to limit long resting, simply increasing the # of food units required to long rest is at best useless and at worst incredibly tedious and unimmersive.