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I don't understand Larian on this particular issue, since Elves are quite popular with gamers.

The seladrine drow heads, for example, do sort of look like middle-aged rockers to me. Not anything wrong with that, but they all shouldn't be that way.

I don't get why the heads for Seladrine and Loth-Sworn can't be amalgamated. There isn't anything to indicate their features are particularly different than surface elves. I'm not even sure why the Loth-sworn and seladrine are different races either.

This is a topic where my opinion has changed in recent years. In times past, I was used to the idea of drow looking vaguely their surface cousins...but harsher/more fey; these days, the idea of drow being palette-swapped "regular" elves doesn't seem terribly outrageous.