Ok. Trying this again.

1. Allow unlimited Short Rests.
2. Short Rest Cost = 5 Camping Supplies per character needing Short Rest. Party of 4 all needs healing? = 20 camping supplies regardless of level. Party of 2, only 10. Only 3 need healing? 15 supplies. You decide at camp.
3. Arcane Recovery only able to be used during Short Rest, and reminder to use it would be nice.
4. Long Rest Cost 10 Camping Supplies per Character at camp (extras like Volo don't count). MC + 5 Origin = 60 Camping Supplies. So, 3 Short Rests = 1 Long essentially but only if you have all 6 characters in EA. Only you and Shadowheart? 20 per Long.
5. Dialogues tied to Short AND Long Rests, and characters transported to camp when Short Rest also for dialogues and to show you ain't just healing somehow on the fly. You are pausing your adventure to rest.
6. Camping Supply Packs only crafted. Can craft 60 camping supplies into one pack to cut down on camping supplies clutter in inventory. Can also break down packs, using only some of the total supplies from them. Need only 20? Pack is 60? Break down pack. Now it only = 40.
7. No partial short resting. Either you receive full benefits or none. So make sure you have enough supplies.
8. Vendors don't have food to sell. Food in the grove is becoming scarce. No one wants to sell it. Go find or steal food. Food at the grove is ONLY able to be stolen. Either manage your food better, or be forced to steal.
9. Partial Long Rest still allowed like current. Must have at least 30 Supplies to partial Long Rest for half benefits.
10. Limit food you can find so you don't have so much that you can long rest dozens of times without an issue. By the time you reach the grove, maybe 120 is all you can find. As you explore the rest of the surface, maybe another 120 per relative area; Bog, Moonhaven, Goblin Camp, Waukeen's Rest, Toll House. Underdark maybe find altogether 500, or something if you explore everything. Grymforge maybe something like 300.

This would still allow for 3 Short Rests and 1 Long in the game currently by the time you reach the grove, or 2 Long. Then, they could keep limiting how much you find so that you don't wind up with so much that you can spam long rest.

I don't know. Still trying to make it work.

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