All I know is, item management is one of the most boring and time consuming elements of the game right now.

And it's always been for me and my players one of the most boring elements in tabletop.

In tabletop, I don't have players gathering ingredients for crafting. They don't explore dungeons and while doing so I say, "You find a chasm Creeper. Would you like to take it? It's a crafting item.". If they want to craft something, I make them pay the crafting materials price.

And I do everything in my power to avoid cluttering inventories so that players aren't writing down tons and tons of useless junk. I'll even turn it right into money so we don't waste time managing it or later worrying about "selling" it. My players find merchant visits boring.

And notice, in D&D they try to even make it simple so you don't have to write down every item you might need. A Dungeoneer Kit simplifies things. If you have one, you know you are automatically carrying certain items. Thieves tools mean you have lock picks and cutting tools needed to disarm traps. You don't write down that you have 6 picks, a pair of scissors, wire cutters, etc.

But in BG3, we pick up so much stuff. SO much. Again, extremes. BG3 is full of extremes. Simplify. Tame it down. We don't need all the useless stuff to manage.