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Karlach is what again?

Demon Slayer Slave Champion of Zariel fighting in the Blood War in Avernus, unless she's lying through her teeth, which she doesn't seem to be based on the mind meld and such.

Think about that for a minute. Demon Slayer. Fighting in the Blood War.

Designing her to look like anything less scary than an escaped female convict from death row who's murdered countless people or ex-military bad butt who fought behind enemy lines alone in secret just doesn't fit.

The woman should be TOUGH looking, and scary, like "I eat Aliens and Predators for a light snack" tough. She's stared down demons and survived. Please don't give me some danty little frilly pretty Karlach who looks like she hasn't worked a day in her life.

I think they are worried about her voice not matching her appearance, but I kind of think... that adds to her charcterization. Her not having a deep and gruff voice just because you expect that from a woman that looked lik the datamined version is a bit silly.

If it was my choice, current hair, datamined body, Zevlors eyes.

And for her class, I really think they should consider Barbarian over Paladin (with Paladin reactivity from being an ex-paladin)

I could live with her current body if they rough her up a little bit again though, re-implement some of the scars.