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I never participated in EA, so I never had a bad taste in my mouth (the growing pains).

I imagine that they went through their share of negative feedback on their road to completion.
I did, although I was pretty late to the party - I discovered and bought the game maybe 2-3 months before the release. The "taste" wasn't bad at all; of course there were some issues, but devs were pretty quick to address them. Also, their presence on their own forum was considerably larger than that of Larian's - despite the fact that their own preference was (and I believe, still is) Discord.

Right. SUCH a much better experience. I suggested things. People responded. It was relatively friendly and some things were implemented. Some not. They released updates relatively frequently and gave fairly regular news posts.

It was not like this. It was not the vacuum we're experiencing here.

But then, the fan base was much smaller. 18,000 BG3 posts at one point compared to 2-3,000 Solasta. Not quite the same. People weren't flooding Solasta with gazillions of posts hourly.