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I wonder if Larian is regretting tackling this level of interactivity in the cinematics – with such variation in body sizes? Has any game done this before?

I hope not ^.^ I'm detailed and harsh about this because I desperately want them to do this well. Video games with customisable characters usually minimise the amount of direct model interaction in their story scenes, and the vast majority of them avoid having to work with smaller-sized characters as much as they can. Especially where things like romance sequences are concerned, most games refuse to do it at all, and it's very disheartening. If Larian do this really well, with satisfying small models that are well proportioned, and with animations that are tailored to them specifically, so they fit and work, they will be virtually the first company ever to do so... and I really want them to be.
I'm curious: would you prefer that Larian implement these types of romance sequences poorly or not at all? Obviously the former is not great, and the latter you say "is disheartening" (DAO/DAI?).

I suppose I'm defining "poorly" as their current implementation.