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The more I play Solasta, the more I am seeing that Long Rest mechanics are an absolute must to figure out for BG3. Although you can't just rest wherever you want, there are rest areas in Solasta which kinda sorta limits you. Still, it's not enough. After level 5, my Sorcerer can cast Fireball and Fly, EVERY battle. Just long rest and regain them, just about every battle.

Its been said many times before but as you're repeating things I might as well... Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you have to. Larian's entire engine is based on cheesesploitation. Choose not to do it and move on. If someone else wants to play the game in full-on easy mode - who cares? It has no impact on your play experience whatsoever.

Sure it does. If the DM allows a player to rest after every fight, why wouldn't they? Imagine playing Pokemon - any Pokemon game - and they gave you unlimited Master Balls. Then they said, "Um. You want a challenge? Just don't use the Master Balls. YOU decide which PokeBall to use and when. We aren't going to control any part of the game like that so everyone can play however they want. You want a challenge. Challenge yourself. You want to just go around easily catching all the Pokemon. Use unlimited Master Balls."

That would make for an INCREDIBLY boring Pokemon game.

Not limiting Long Rests is like giving Pokemon trainers unlimited Master Balls and potions and revives, etc.

I'm really hoping for some sort of difficulty settings so that if you want to play on GG easy mode, fine, but let me set something so it feels like I'm not making myself abide by some decent rules.

Besides, let's see what happens when you play multiplayer with a wizard at level five who wants to Long rest after every battle so he or she can replenish all their spells. Their argument will be why not because I can. Watch What happens. They'll OP everything in the game and leave you with nothing but clean up duty.

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