Is something known about wether there will be restrictions for levels in the Acts 1 to 3 in the release version of the game? Or will there be partly restrictions? Or will enemies later in Act 1 be changed when higher levels are possible?

Recently I tried a mod which removes the level 4 restriction in the EA, and, to be honest, after getting to lvl 5 for the first time ever I tried the Githyanki fight which I always had avoided. Despite starting from the dialog and not from a higher position (so they had the initiative and immediately gutted Lae'zel and took the highground themselves by teleport, these villains) and using only lvl 1 and 2 spells for the casters and one action for my Fighter and Barbarian, the fight was a bit but not very difficult. Maybe because of the higher lvl 5 hp and dice probabilities? Had I used lvl 3 spells and the second actions for my melees, the fight would have been a breeze. Maybe it is not supposed to be difficult.

Nevertheless I fear that fights could get a bit too easy with higher levels at the later stages of Act 1. However I also don't want overly hard fights where you have to chease with stealth, positioning only known through failure (I don't like Souls games ...) or surface and barrel gameplay. On "Normal" (the EA difficulty, I presume) fights should be hard sometimes but manageable from the game flow, aka when attacked as group after dialog or during exploration.

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