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Eyyy! Seeing artwork with an elf and a boar is really neat. c: Most elven artwork only contains birds and felines (not that there is anything wrong with that, right Drizzt?)! laugh I want to see an elf with a huge pet lizard next! Or perhaps a dodo laugh!

If you want elves paired with lizards, chances are a Drow will fit the bill; those Underdark bastards love their giant lizard mounts.

Anyhow...I shall throw you a bone, ally of avians.

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Isnt that Tanis Half-Elf? O_o

That would be Gilthanas Kanan, brother of Laurana; he is as close to a standard D&D elf as you can get (including character development that involves him softening over time).

Below is Tanis Half-Elven.

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