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It would be cool if random encounters could still feel tied to the plot with a little bit of dialogue at the beginning or something. So they don’t just feel like random battles but like the enemies have been searching for you.
Well, if you side with Minthara ... Halsin comes for revenge next night.

That's scripted encounters.

Random Encounters could have dialogue, but I would recommend unvoiced dialogue for those.

Example: You short rest in the bog. Boggles find you. "Hey! Who you? What you doin' in our bog?". Dialogue options pop up. No need to be voiced with cutscenes.

Your options:. Attack, Deceive, Persuade, Intimidate.

Another Example: You spot a goblin patrol as you're long resting near Bogrot. Options: Stealth (Avoid), Surprise Attack, Deceive, Persuade, Intimidate.