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It works very well in another "open world" tactical turn based rpg named Wartales in which you also often have to rest (currently in EA too).
On top of that, you can control/limit your % to have a random encounter.

Even Icelyn and Ragnarok would probably not complain about random encounters in this game.
Never played Wartales but if you can limit your % chance to have a random encounter to zero that sounds good. grin

Just rest in town or village and it's 0%.
In the wild you can reduce ot A LOT if you don't sleep too close to ennemies patrol. Forests can also help.

It should not be hard to create something interresting in BG3.

Let's say :

0% in
- Druid grove if druids and/or tieefling are alive/not hostile
- Goblin's camp if goblins are alive/not hostile
- Blighted village if goblins are alive
- Zentharim's hideout if they're alive/not hostile

- Everywhere else, including when you're fast travelling
- Empty druid grove
- Empty goblin's camp
- Empty blighted village
- Empty Zentharim's hideout

- Druid grove if druids and/or tieffling are hostile
- Goblin's camp if goblins are hostile
- Blighted village if goblins are hostile (never understood why everyone doesn't turn hostile when you attack a group)
- Zentharim's hideout if they're hostile

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That's scripted encounters.
I would realy love to know the difference.

If an encounter is planned it's not a random encounter.
Your exemple is litteraly Halsin coming for revenge the next night if the player side with Minthara. It's definitely not random at all.

But a random encounter has not always to be a combat (i.e a chance to meet a roaming merchant, a "generic" dialog with looters during which you can choose to give money not to fight...).

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