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In which games did you have the feeling that you were resting too much because of random encounters ?
I have better question:
Where did i say that i had this feeling in some other game? O_o

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if resting is a coherent mechanic ?
Well, that alone is quite big "if" isnt it?

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It is only a problem in BG3 because resting is only a button and that heal your party.
You wish ...

As far as i know resting usualy mean:
Selecting long rest, confriming long rest, loading to your camp, running for suplies, giving suplies to fire, checking suplies (or clicking autocheck), confriming what you just did, another loading ... if you are unlucky, some dialogue (you allready seen thousand times, or its about one of your party members you dont like anyway ... cough, cough, Astarion, cough) you may not really care about ... yet another loading ... morning sumarisation of previous dialogue, if you were unlucky ... yet another loading ...
And THEN (and only then) you are ready to go.

Yes, those separate things usualy dont take much than few seconds ... with some exceptions ...
But its certainly a lot more tedious than "only a button that heal your party". laugh
Especialy when you WANT continue main plot.

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The only think we have to think about in this game it is how often we will spam that button
Indeed ... so horrible.

While when there would be random encounters ... what exactly would change, except we would feel even stronger urge to spam that stupid non-consequence button as often as possible, bcs our whole progress since last save can be technicaly erased by any time just bcs random number generator just throwed out bad value?

I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown