Not horrible, just uninterresting at all. Having to do more than 1 click does not change the fact that the resting button is just a button that doesn't require you to think about anything else than click on it.

The question "In which games did you have the feeling that you were resting too much because of random encounters ?" was rethoric because to my knowledge, there aren't any games in which players have the feeling to rest "too often" because of random encounter.
The fact that you may rest "more often" is not a problem at all as proven by many other games. It's not even " resting more often", it's just resting when you think you have to.

The fact that there's nothing to think about when having to rest is a problem as BG3 has proven.
That's exactly why we're talking about it since the beginning with different arguments and why Larian added a food supply mechanic.
Mechanic that, in the end does not really satisfy anyone (some are still complaining that it's still not restrictive, others are complaning that it's too much restrictive).

Random encounters neither limit your rests, neither force you to rest "more often".
It just create mechanical conditions that forces the players to think about the best moment and that forces him to think a bit about ressources management.

I can't find it anymore but I read an article a few monthes ago from a game designer saying that video games are cheating a lot with players to improve the experience. Sometimes it's obvious but sometimes it's not. I don't remember the best exemples but to give one... They're cheating with us to make us beleive that our choices matter.

In a way, random encounters are some kind of devs cheat that makes the player believe that he should be cautious with his ressources and the resting button.
They create "psychological" limitations (to rest or to continue) but without any mechanical limitations. Buit it's mostly in the players head : random encounters are often easy but it has consequences on how the game is played.

(As I already said, just as mechanical limitations can be boring, random encounters can be too. It has to be well done).

In many games players just do a quick save before resting... just as most players probably do before engaging the ennemy. Auto save is also a solution so that's not at all an issue.

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