Except that it's more than just being about limiting resting. It's about creating a living and breathing world that isn't static and scripted. It's about bringing monsters you've never faced before into the game at random moments. It creates more of a sense of danger, that you weren't just able to heal and rest whenever you want and wherever you want. For people like me and Max, it adds a whole other level of excitement to the game.

And the hag lair is definitely not the only danger zone in the game. At least it shouldn't be based on the story. When you crash on the beach, that should be a danger zone. You find bodies lying everywhere and you know that intellect devourers are lurking around, possibly mind flayers, and then later you find Goblin corpses. The cutscene even indicates that goblins are coming to investigate. That whole area before you reach the Grove should be a danger zone. The Crypt should be one of the only safe zones in the beginning, and that only after you have killed off The mercenaries.

So, in the beginning, you shouldn't even be able to short rest without a chance of a random encounter. Forget long rest. You are amidst a burning wreckage of an enemy flying ship with enemies possibly lurking around every corner. Story wise, this is the sense they give you, but then they don't follow through with it. There are a few scripted encounters and then you move on.

And any place outside the Grove should be a danger zone. Goblins are supposed to be hunting for you as well as cultists. If you try to rest at all anywhere outside the Grove, there should be some sort of danger there of encountering an enemy.

Yes, you could just run back to The Grove, and that might be annoying to do, in order to avoid a random encounter, but the point is that at least something is discouraging you from just spamming rest anywhere. Besides that, again, if done well, it adds the element of danger to the area.

Think back to the last pfh. He short rested as a cat in the very heart of the spider layer with the spiders hunting around for him. That's the kind of ridiculous thing that we're talking about here. The whole spider layer should be a danger zone that you can't just rest in by clicking a button. If he threw the druid into that area, and that Drew it needed to rest, he should have to try to sneak out of the heart of that deadly area before he is able to rest.