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It's about creating a living and breathing world that isn't static and scripted.
That is just covenient excuse ... vague slogan ... something you can hide behind, while you demand something for yourself, so it seems you are aiming for "greater good" ... same as when plastic straws were banned in our country, and now we can only buy paper one "in order to save enviroment", while it certainly have nothing to do with the fact that paper one will last aproximately 100 times less, so you need to buy much more of them (and gues what material they use for packaging them? That right, plastic bags). laugh

World would be just the same ... only occasionaly something will ambush you.

You are talking here about Short rests ... so if you dont use short rest, world will not change at all.

And even if you would make random encounters also tied to certain places (since its not technicaly possible to just spawn enemies anywhere) you were talking about 10% chance ... so you would need to run through totally dead and emply Goblin Willage ten times, to certainly meet single Goblin Patrol that would attack you ...

How would that make world any more believable? O_o
It would make much more sense that once their main army was slaughtered, every other goblin run away ... therefore this place SHOULD be just as empty and abandoned as it is. :-/

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It's about bringing monsters you've never faced before into the game at random moments.
There is no randomness in cyberspace ... im trying to explain this for you for last few months. :-/

Every-single-encounter that is in game NEEDS to be created specificaly ...
There is no way to write "add random encounter somewhere on the map" and let engine to deal with the rest. laugh

You still need to set spawn positions, need to implement possible enemies, need to implement some behaviour for them ... and in Larian specific case, need to create them one-by-one ... if you keep attention, there is no two same Goblins in whole game. :-/
They are similar, yes ... but all of them have unique models, unique names, equipment and stuff ...

And IF someone should spend the time creating those enemies, spawning them, seting their behaviour ...
It just seems much better to me to let them there for everyone.

It still seems to me like you really imagine it as "spawn 10 goblins here" and work done. laugh But it isnt. :-/

Use curent state of the World ... imagine for example those goblins that are on roofs in Blighted Willage ...
<IF> (and this is important part) they would be Random Encounter ... okey?

*You enter Blighted Willage*
*Random Number Generator rolls 1d10* ... chance for encounter 10% ...
1 > fight as we have it.
2-10 > nothing.

See the problem?
All that work with preparing encounter is wasted for 9 of 10 players!
And for what?
So 1 of 10 players have one more fight, he didnt expect? :-/
Is that really so much better than just keep it as it is, and let everyone have that fight?

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For people like me and Max, it adds a whole other level of excitement to the game.
Good for you i gues ...
For people like Me and Icelyn (sory im using you like that laugh ) it would probably add whole new level of frustration. laugh

Now, the question im asking right now is why should Larian invest time, people and money into creating something that would frustrate half of their comunity ... while it pleases the other one ... when its easier, cheaper, and kinda more effective, to simply wait for Moders to create it as optional feature only for those who want it, and have whole comunity happy for free? laugh

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And the hag lair is definitely not the only danger zone in the game.
Challence accepted!
Show me screenshot of any other. :P :P :P

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The Crypt should be one of the only safe zones in the beginning, and that only after you have killed off The mercenaries.
Cant say i follow ...
Why should be crypt any safer than outside world?
Goblins are "based on the story" as you said, somehow restricted to enter abandoned buildings? Especialy when "based on the story" as you said, those goblins are LOOKING FOR SOMEONE ... and even more especialy "based on the story" as you said, when those ruins are full of fresh corpses of mercenaries you and your party just killed? laugh laugh laugh

If you wish to use roaming and searching goblins as an argument for outside world ... you should aply them to any unfortified, or at least unobstructed areas without any guards. laugh

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So, in the beginning, you shouldn't even be able to short rest without a chance of a random encounter. Forget long rest. You are amidst a burning wreckage of an enemy flying ship with enemies possibly lurking around every corner. Story wise, this is the sense they give you, but then they don't follow through with it.
Since we are talking about "story wise" ...
You should also take under concideration that your character just wake up after being kidnapped and impregnated with alien tadpole, went through hells, fighted with monsters across whole nautiloid, faced Mind Flayer, Demon and Dragon, were few times teleported through planes, and finaly get hard hit to head and in the end enjoyed quite long fall. laugh

Sure, the place "can be" dangerous ... but "story wise" as you said, it should be understandable that our characters are exhausted enough to risk it anyway, even tho you "still have all your spellslots". laugh

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There are a few scripted encounters and then you move on.
I really think we should use word "planned" or "static" or "regular" for them ... since every encounter have to be scripted, even random one. wink

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If you try to rest at all anywhere outside the Grove, there should be some sort of danger there of encountering an enemy.
See that is the problem, i know you "just want it" ... but outside of that, what would be the reason?

I mean "story wise" as you said ... that Nautiloid just droped there ... so, yes it indeed makes sense that those goblins we have seen running out searching for us, will be swarming around pretty soon ... but that also means "not now". wink

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Yes, you could just run back to The Grove, and that might be annoying to do, in order to avoid a random encounter, but the point is that at least something is discouraging you from just spamming rest anywhere.
Indeed ...

And my point was that the only thing that "wants" me to be discouraged to spamming rest anywhere, is you. laugh

I dont want to be discouraged to rest anywhere, i do want to rest anywhere ... i dont usualy, but i want that option ... and i can, therefore im happy. laugh
YOU are the one who wants to be discouraged to rest anywhere, and if you dont want to rest anywhere ... the easiest way to achieve that is simply dont ... and then, you should be happy. laugh

And the best part:
If you dont, we both gets perfect game experience for oureself. wink

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Think back to the last pfh. He short rested as a cat in the very heart of the spider layer with the spiders hunting around for him.
Yup, i have seen it ... and it didnt affect any of my playthroughs even a little bit. laugh
Thats the luxury of Single Player games. wink

Now imagine that game would be created the way YOU want it ...
He would be compeltely fucked.

Such great gaming experience indeed. xD

That's the kind of ridiculous thing that we're talking about here.[/quote]
From my perspective, the most ridiculous thing around here is the fact, that we are even talking about it. laugh

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The whole spider layer should be a danger zone that you can't just rest in by clicking a button.
And if you feel like that, simply dont.
Voila! You have exactly what you want. laugh

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If he threw the druid into that area, and that Drew it needed to rest, he should have to try to sneak out of the heart of that deadly area before he is able to rest.
Cant really say i dont see your point ...
But the only outcome i see is one frustrated, anoyed and angry player from game that is ridiculously hard for him, just bcs some guy somewhere decided "it would be better experience like this". laugh

Wanna know a secret?
"Better experience" is when more people are pleased. wink

If my comments bother you, there is nothing easier than telling me to stop.
I mean ... I won't ... but it's easy to say. wink