Your answer doesn't prevent this message to be true :
"Random encounter create "psychological" limitations (to rest or to continue) but without any mechanical limitations. But it's mostly in the players head : random encounters are often easy but it has consequences on how the game is played".

Consequence on how the game is played, not on how it should be played.
If a player is now sleeping after every battles, what's the difference for him with random encounter ? Is it impossible to be victorious if you haven't a single spellslot or feature left ? It's not, and it has never been in games I can think of.

Please, can you name a game in which random encounters makes the players rest "more often than when they think it's necessary" ? Or maybe a game in which players are complaining to rest "too often" because of random encounters ?

On top of that, ressources management and resting are a core part of all DnD's rules.
Whatever you like them or not, well designed random encounter would make ressource management and resting a more meaningfull part of the game and very important... Without mechanical limitations.

(and without preventing those that wants to rest after every combats to do so... I mean... In every games there's a moment you HAVE to rest without much HP or spellslots left...)

With Larian's items interractions some players would also probably use barrels and other items to create traps and to fortify their camps... which could be extremely cool !

But tbh reading your last messages I'm not really sure you understand what we're talking about.
Goblins in the Blighted village and "that will most likely kill you" as exemples.

Originally Posted by sublimeclown
Essentially, there would be certain areas where enemies might appear, even if you've cleared that area already. That would add a sense of danger to backtracking, which might require you to use stealth, invisibility, etc. to avoid combat if your party is in bad shape. It might not be the most elegant solution, but I don't see why they couldn't implement this with the current engine.

That's also something I'd like a lot.
Like looters "x days" after you clear the druid grove or the goblin's camp, wolves in the wood after a while, a new merchant on the map,...

Just as random encounters at camp and eventually when fast travelling, this kind of "events" would make BG3's world so much more alive.
Without preventing us to fast travel, it could also really encourage exploring the world even after you have "cleaned" the map.

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