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Your answer doesn't prevent this message to be true :
Since point of it was that your message is only one of multiple possible mindsets ...
Therefore in order to "prevent" that message, it would need to contradict itself ...

I would dare to say its quite logical that it didnt. laugh

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If a player is now sleeping after every battles, what's the difference for him with random encounter?
Was this serious question? O_o

Taken at aburdum ... it can cause infinite loop ... if player sleeps after "every" battle, and sleeping can cause him random encounter > therefore a battle > he would need to sleep afterwards. laugh

But jokes aside ...
Obviously the difference is time spend with tedious actions in between following the story ...
I thought that my detailed description of how Long Resting works right now will paint you a picture that exactly its tediousness is discouraging me from using it until i desperately need to ... add another combat to the mixure, and you just wasted several more minutes doing someting you didnt want to do ...

THAT is the difference (even tho i still cant believe i had to say it out loud) and THAT is the problem. laugh

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Is it impossible to be victorious if you haven't a single spellslot or feature left ? It's not, and it has never been in games I can think of.
Depends on deffiniton of "feature" ...
But then we could also ask question if it is even possible to have "no feature left". laugh

But then, we return to previous question ...
What would be point of such combat?
Scare people with supereasy encounters that can be win easily without spending single resource of any kind? Sure that can work for first, maybe first few ... but after that?
Sooner ot later (rather sooner) they become just another tedious obstacle with no real reason ... exactly bcs they simply cant change anything.

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Please, can you name a game
Still no ...

I hope you didnt expect me to use those few hours to investigate all games with random encounters, try them and make an opinion based on that experience ... bcs if you did, then i have to disapoint you. :-/

Normaly i would presume that there is no need to point out explicitly that just the fact allone that i dont know any *specific* game with this particular problem, it doesnt mean that problem is impossible ... but concidering tone of this post ... maybe it would be better to do that.

So just for the record, i cant even name any game "in which Long Rests any time and anywhere makes the players rest "more often than when they think it's necessary"? Or maybe a game in which players are complaining to rest "too often" because they simply can."
I know a game, where people complain that other people rests "too often" tho ... but i still dont see how is that anything of their business. laugh

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On top of that; ressources management and resting are a core part of all DnD's rules.
Then go play DnD i gues?
You know what else is "core part of all DnD's rules"? Rule zero ... i bet you know that one.

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Whatever you like them or not, well designed random encounter would make this more important for most players than now and very important...
There is several problems i have with this sentence ...

"Well designed" ... as far as i know, you people didnt even managed to agree on what those words even mean. laugh
I mean sure, you all probably agree that "well designed" means something like "designed in such way to bring joy and happines to us all" or some simmilar vague stuff vith zero informative value ...
But how EXACTLY should they be designed to be well? That is something i still didnt seen around here. laugh

"Most players" ... you have that based on what exactly?
And please dont embarase yourself by saying based on this forum, or reddit, or steam discussions, or discord, or all of them counted together ... bcs even if you would manage to get ten thousand people ... and i honestly doubt you would, not bcs they would be against it, but bcs actual "most" of them simply dont give a shit ... but even if you would by some miracle manage ... it would be what, 1% of playerbase? laugh xD
And if you cant reach even that amount ... how can you even dare to speak about "most" players? laugh

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Without mechanical limitations and without preventing those that wants "another experience that what the game is designed for" to play as they want to play.
How is is possible that i play it that way then? O_o
And i dont need mechanical limitations ... nor i need random encounters ... i simply just dont waste all my resources in first possible opourtunity, and distribue them acordingly to situation ... then i rest only when i actualy need to, and my game experience is perfect.

The only difference is that i in the process dont ruin the gampleay for other people who dont want "another experience that game (based on wich this game is) is designed for" ... for example, Icelyn.

I obviously know (feel free to read it as: Presume) that in this topic your reaction could be basicaly sumarized as:
Screw you and Screw Icelyn ... I WANT THIS!

But all i want you to think about is ... is that really necesary?
What for do you need "mechanical limiations"? So you can pat your shoulder that you managed your resources exactly and precisely as some Larian developer expected you to? O_o
Isnt that little patetic reason to ruin other people fun? :-/

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With Larian's items interractions some players would also probably use barrels and other items to create traps and to fortify their camps... which could be extremely cool!
Yeah maybe ... but they still can, we know that there are story related fights in the camp ... so ...
This option is quite open.

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What does the goblins in the Blighted village have to do this random encounter conversation?
Good question!
And if you would read it whole and thoroughly, you should allready know the answer. :-/

I can try to put it simplier:

Situation A:
1) Developer creates ramdom encounter.
2) Player approaches the place where this random encounter can happen. (Thats right, it still have to be all prepared in advance ... sorry guys, the only other way would be to create fully self aware AI.)
3) Random number generator ... generate random number (surprising huh?
4a) Encounter starts. (1/10 cases ... for 10% chance)
4b) Nothing happens. (9/10 cases ... for 10% chance)
Result: Work of developer would be in 90% of cases wasted.

Situation B:
1) Developer creates a regular encounter.
2) Player approaches the place where this encounter is. (Thats right, they take just the same amount of work.)
3) --No random number generator involved--
4a) Encounter starts. (10/10 cases)
4b) --no alternatives--
Result: Work of developer would be experienced by every single player.

I can only hope you actualy WILL read it this time. frown

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So is this sentence "have fair chance to meet random encounter that will most likely kill you" ?
Have you ever tryed to read whole post? :-/ Or at least sentence ...
It should be refreshing experience ...

Its written right there, its describing situation where player (from whatever reason) get to situation where his game ended just bcs Random Number Generator decided to give him challenge we was unable to beat. :-/

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Like looters "x days" after you clear the druid grove or the goblin's camp, wolves in the wood after a while, a new merchant on the map,...
Theese sounds like good suggestions and i like them. +1

I bet you feel confused now ... should i explain myself?
I gues i rather should ... even tho im not sure if it will have any effect.

Difference between what you are suggesting here (repopulation of cleared areas after some time passes) and random encounters should be quite clear but 3 points stands above all others in my opinion:
1) This can easily be avoided, if you simply dont want it.
2) Every player who wants to experience them can, every player who dont have same possibilities ... for random encounters RNG decides for you.
3) It would actualy make WORLD more alive ... instead of spawning random group of random enemies into completely lifeless wasteland. laugh

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Just as random encounters at camp and eventually when fast travelling, this kind of "events" would make BG3's world so much more alive.
Lets say you wipe out whole Goblin Camp ... for example ... then you decide to rest ... random encounter triggers, you are attacked by goblins in your camp, far far away from the Goblin one ... you kill them ... you rest ... you return to the Goblin Camp ...
And its just as lifeless as it was before ...
So you return to your camp ... well, there is few fresh corpses, but except that nothing new ...
So you return to Goblin Camp ... still just as lifeless ...
You run around, possibly picking some missing loot or something ... doubt that you would just running circles for fun around here ... still just as lifeless ...
Then random encounter triggers, from somewhere another bunch of goblins appear ... you kill them ofc ... back to the lifeless ...
So you continue in your adventure ...
Later you decide to fast travel back here ... random encounter triggers, you kill them ... and you guesed it, nothing changed.

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Without preventing us to fast travel, it could also really encourage exploring the world even after you have "cleaned" the map.
Why would you do that? O_o

You allready explored those parts, you work here is done, your quests here are done, your enemies defeated, their values taken ... there is nothing more for you ... and in case you forget, there is tadpole in your head, so you really shouldnt "roam across the places you ahave cleaned allready". laugh

I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown