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Picture this: Bogrot is cleared out. Goblins WERE keeping troops there, but you cleared it out. Why would they let days go by and NOT send new patrols out to see why their troops didn't come home?
Dunno ... same reason they dont come home if you get past them by skme alternative way?

You get what i mean right?
Goblins arent exactly military specialists ... presuming they are sending reports back to camp regulary is just as valid as presume that they are lazy, slopy and stupid enough to either forget or report only when spmething important happens.
Bcs that both is just headcanon.

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As you travel through the forest one day, you may encounter a deer that scampers off. Next day. Nothing. Next day, an Owlbear. Next two days, nothing.
But why would you return there so often?
I see your point it just seems purposely fabricated. :-/

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You shouldn't feel like it's a ghost town once you've killed all the baddies in a particular area.
Repopulating areas with wildlife afzer long rest(s) serves the same purpose ...
Plus it involves no RNG, so every player can enjoy it ... and the world "feels alive" all the time.

And personaly i support that idea.

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Based on what ? On 20 years of video game history.
I see ...
It was evident ... but i was wondering if you are man enough to admit that is just your personal feeling with no data wich would support it anyway ...
You dissapointed me. frown

I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown