Nice excuses ...
But even if you were right (and i dont think i didnt played "enough" games) ... but even if, i dont see how is that relevant. laugh

If some mechanic pisses me off ... it would still piss me off, if it would be in million other games aswell. O_o
Just the same, no matter how many other people loves, it dont mean i start loving it aswell, just for that reason. :-/

Personal i believe we would know if anyone of us is even "able to understand or discuss anything more complex" once "anything more complex" will show up around here ... until then, you can guess at best, or roll your dices ... chances the outcome would be valid are aproximately same. smile

As i said Niara few times in our discusions ... i quote so people clearly see what im i refering to, there is nothing deeper.

As for things i "may" or "may not" like ... bcs, you know those two options usualy come together ... i would dare to say that i know my own prefferences well enough to say, and i dont feel ashamed to admit that im not sure when im not sure ... wich by the way is that only case when that "lack of experience" you mentioned come to play.
As for random encounters ... yes, im definietly sure i would hate them! Not a single doubt on my mind.

If my comments bother you, there is nothing easier than telling me to stop.
I mean ... I won't ... but it's easy to say. wink