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Try, in exemple, Wartales or Expedition : Rome and tell me if you absolutely hate them.
There's little to no chances it happen. I'm sure at best you'd say : "it's useless"...

I'd be curious to know what games have make you become so hostile to them.

If that is about random encounters perosnaly I dislike them in Expedition: Rome, if that encounter was about fighting then I would just load the last saved game so I dont have to fight.
And for example in both Pathfinders random fights during camping/travelling only makes me frustrated. There are too much of them, they are pointless, boring and are just fighting for fighting and game time stratching. And I dislike feelings when game is artifisially stratched to being longer frown

That's why we said we want random encounters done right, like Solasta. Not Pathfinder. Exciting random encounters or interesting ones. Not just fighting easy, boring fights that are time wasters.

I mean, even some of Solasta's are boring time wasters, but many are not.

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