I personnaly didn't mention Solasta because in my opinion, it can happen too much too on the worldmap, even if you're on it way less than in Pathfinder (This is mostly the game I'm talking about when I said that too much random encounters may be boring).

But I didn't have the same experience with Expedition : Rome tbh.
There are too much random events imo but there are a very limited number of them that ended on combats in my 1,5 playthrough. I played it at release and I really didn't have a lot of them. Maybe I was lucky with my choices.

I can't obviously be sure about that one but I don't think that games I played included random encounters to be "longer".

That said, I don't really understand the difference between visual combats and random encounters. With exceptions for story/quests reasons, most games I can think of have "combats for combats".
(to name a few in BG3 : the minotaurs, the spiders+ettercap, the gnolls after the bridge, the mephits).

I don't think it's an issue but I like combats, especially in tactical TB RPG. And I also like a few "easy" combats (that does not require you to be absolutely prepared). It helps a lot to feel that your party is not a full party of total noobs.

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