Sigh. Hearing your feedback on random encounters does remind me that my own players on tabletop really hate them. In Descent on Avernus, for example, when moving about the sewers, there are suggested random encounters - running into patrolling cultists, etc.

I skipped them. There was enough fighting, and my players were already getting tired of the scripted fights. I could sense that if I threw yet another group of cultists at them, they were going to scream.

And, to Ragnarok's point, once you've cleared an area in a tabletop D&D game, the DM doesn't usually suddenly throw a random encounter at you if, for whatever reason, you return to a location.

The main point of an RPG is story. If something distracts from the story, that's not particularly good.

So, I can understand the reasoning behind not wanting random encounters. Most players I've known want encounters to have some sort of purpose or meaning to the overall story. They don't like to fight just for fighting's sake. You may have one or two players who like being fighters or barbarians who just want more fights and action, but a lot of players don't. They try to avoid combat as much as possible.

So, when thinking from a tabletop player perspective, I guess no random encounters makes the most sense.