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The main point of an RPG is story. If something distracts from the story, that's not particularly good.

Let's then remove all not story related combats and side quests and bandits lair or any other filler content in games then.
Good story doesn't make good rpg. Remember Solasta ?

A story in a world that feels alive is always more immersive than a story written in a frozen one. This is not a TT RPG in which your imagination is doing most of the job.

I fully support Deirdre's comments about Pathfinder and we already talked about E:R... But as he said random encounters should be very accurately balanced to makes the pros more visible than the cons.
Being able to "leave" some of them could also be an interresting option when you travel (in exemple you cannot leave if you're spotted, you can if you spot them first).

There are great ideas in many games (and also in mods), but there are very little attempt to update this feature to my knowledge.
But random encounters or events should definitely not dissapear imo because it's a great tool to increase the immersion in a story and the believability of a world... Especially one that is supposed to be dangerous.

As iBowfish said, cRPG should not be games in which you just "clean" areas.
I guess Larian doesn't have many options to improve the feeling that we're in a living world... D/N cycle and random encounters/events at camp and on the map are the only options I can think of to go from frozen worlds that only react to the players actions to worlds that looks "persistent".

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