This applies to this thread too, so I'm pasting it here. It's also on the Day/Night cycle thread:

OK. It's been awhile, and I've given Day/Night more thought. I still really really want a Day/Night functionality in the game. Nothing complicated. Just a single button that transitions from Day to Night. Call it the Day/Night or Long Rest button. It will replace the End Day button.

What's the point? I want to be able to travel about the map by night, especially as a drow who is supposed to be sun sensitive. I also want to Long Rest more per day without a single day going by, so it feels more like my characters are doing more per day than what is in the current game. It would, I think, make spellcaster lovers more happy also, for they would be able to renew their spells 2x's a day rather than fight, run out of spells, Long Rest and thus End Day, and then fight once, run out of spells, Long Rest and thus End Day. In other words, instead of making 2 whole days go by, those who love to spam Long Rest would only make 1 day go by, which would make more sense from a story perspective. Besides this, if you transition from Day to Night, you are essentially resting for a LONG period of time, not just an hour or two. You might even rest more to allow for the transition than you would if you slept at night.

So, here's my idea of how the Day/Night button would work. You start on the beach. You travel about. You spot the intellect devourers. Dang! Drow is sun sensitive. That fight will be harder because my drow gets disadvantage. Tool tip pops up. "Some races, like drow, are sensitive to sunlight. They will get disadvantage on rolls while in direct sunlight, or if their targets are in direct sunlight. Disadvantage works by rolling 2d20 and taking the lowest die roll. This will put any characters with sun sensitivity at a serious disadvantage if they travel by day. If your character has this, it is best to use the Day/Night (or Long Rest, whatever you want to call it) button. This button symbolizes that your character is resting and waiting until nightfall (or if it is already night you are resting and waiting until it is dawn) before they continue their travels. You will travel to your camp and gain the benefits of a Long Rest whenever you transition from day to night or night to day. This means you will heal all HP and restore all spell slots and special abilities. It will not use up your 2 Short Rest per day limit so that whether you are traveling by day or by night, you still get 2 Short Rests per Long Rest. Sometimes, party members will talk with you during these rests, so keep an eye out for these dialogue opportunities."

I, being a drow, click Day/Night button, I trigger the finding the campsite scene, and trigger the Shadowheart, "I'm not sure this is such a good idea," dialogue. She would naturally say this, because, in her mind, we're taking a senseless break after only traveling for like 5 minutes. So, naturally, she'd be unhappy to rest for like 12 hours. But you, being a drow, it only makes sense for you to want to travel by night. So you don't care what she thinks. Resting by night so neither you nor your half elf companion get disadvantage on rolls while you travel just makes the most sense.

So, what benefits are there in this?

1. Drow Sun Sensitivity is actually a thing, along with other creatures who have this trait, and traveling by night for a drow would be better than by day. Drow have extended dark vision, so it also provides them with an advantage over other characters who even have dark vision.
2. Advantages on Stealth checks while moving about at night. This is good for certain quests like sneaking into the goblin camp or through Moonhaven or sneaking up on the Hag's place or the Swamp Docks, or sneaking up on the Gnolls or the Gith or pretty much sneaking up on anyone on the surface.
3. Gives players the ability to make time pass within a single day. Thus, players actually have more control over the passage of time.
4. Gives players another opportunity for a Long Rest per day, cutting down on the ridiculous number of days you waste whenever you feel you need to Long Rest. (Like in the Underdark when you fight the minotaurs, need to long rest, fight the bulette, need to long rest, fight the duergar, need to long rest, fight the kua toas, need to long rest, and before you know it, a week's gone by down there because you're long resting after every fight.) Besides this, one of the main purposes of this concept is that you are not punishing players who want to travel most of the surface map by night - such as if you create a drow. If you have to use Short Rests just to get to night every day, then you have no short rests to use on your adventure if you start adventuring at night. So using Short Rests to make time pass from day to night would only make night travel less advantageous than day travel.
5. Gives more opportunities for dialogues to be triggered, such as Shadowheart's dialogue mentioned above or Gale's "Go to Hell," dialogue. If they actually put dialogues/camps on the game map somewhere, though, that would be my preference, but if they keep it as it is currently with off map camps and minicamps, I'd at least like the Day/Night button to trigger dialogues at camp - so have it send players to camp for dialogue purposes. This makes sense from a story perspective as well, because essentially by hitting the Day/Night button you are resting for like 10-12-ish hours. That's a long time, and it makes sense to then rest that long at camp. It also, then, provides more opportunities before you reach the grove to trigger those early dialogues.

I still want Short Rests to also potentially trigger dialogues, but ultimately I think the above change would definitely increase dialogue opportunities.

Please please please, Larian. We need Day/Night functionality in this game. It would REALLY make a huge world of difference.