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Actualy when i first time approached the house, i allready killed redcaps, so i kinda "should have know" there is something off ... but no, i didnt position my party there, since conversation started once i entered the house. laugh
But also i didnt need to, since one jump from those doors get you to high ground. wink

As for the lair itself, you start there on High Ground aswell, so again no position needed. laugh

Well, I didn't killed redcaps reventively because, well, I don't have habit of attacking non-hostile npc/mobs just because i see them
So I was just completely stuck with battle, because that redcaps appeared to be much stronger then my "all so mighty" companions smile

And in the lair... yes, you start on high ground, and with -1 turn, 3 hags and bunch of debuffs
Was only manages to kill her with "move one character in sneak until you will see hag through stealth, put silence, then move other characters in sneak into battle one by one" guide. All that "one character is frozen in battle/dialog and others can run around and do what they want as long as they want" stuff just feels very wrong for me... frown