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You kidding right? O_o
I never understand how can magical food, that is lorewise suppose to sustain grown man for whole day give 1 unit of Camp Supplies. -_-

It's because Larian knew it would break their new food system that they homebrewed it.

For all intents and purposes, Goodberry should feed 10 people every day. If a druid or ranger reserves a spell slot at the end of each day, your party should never need food. That's the main purpose of the spell. Healing is only a perk.

So, 1 goodberry should equal 10 Camping Supplies, based on the current 40 CS cost per long rest.

See how food makes for a poor limitation? That's why it doesn't really work in Solasta either. Food is just an annoyance in D&D.

That said, for food to be more than an annoyance, we need less of it and the cost should be tweaked. It only matters if you are struggling to acquire enough. Then Goodberry becomes SUPER valuable.

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