Yeah. To answer your question, sorry I wasn't clear, in Solasta, not having food means you can't long rest at all. You have to have at least four food in order to Long rest each and every time.

Two things made this be somewhat decent limitation. The first was that food was heavy. One food item added a considerable amount of weight to your total weight. The other was that they would only give you 4 food near each and every long rest location. The idea was, they were giving you one long rest, maybe two at most, per map location.

The weight was the big limiting factor. I found myself constantly needing to dump food because it was weighing me down too much. That said, there was nothing that kept me from going back to where I dumped the food so that if I needed to Long rest again, I could just pick up the food I dropped and long rest.

So honestly it wasn't much different from this game. I had, in the end, way too much food, and once I found a rest location I could just dump it at that location and come back later and still long rest as much as I want.

Now if they made it so that once you dump food something comes along and eats it, then it would have limited long rest. But again, with goodberry, I constantly just dumped food because my druid could always cast goodberry once per long rest and I'd always have food. So I never had to worry about food weight limitations. But, that is the whole point of the goodberry spell. It is to provide convenience to players who really don't want to have to worry about survival mechanics. It's one of the things that makes a druid and Ranger more valuable.