But see that defeats the whole purpose. If you can just send it to Camp whenever you want to without any kind of consequences, then what is the point of even having food in the game at all? It's just useless waste of space. It's just an annoyance. There are no real consequences at all. There's nothing that gives it value.

That is my main problem with the whole system. It's actually kind of pointless and just creates a lot of clutter in your inventory. I pick up food. I Send to Camp with a push of the button. I no longer worry about weight limits for it. I need to rest, and there's plenty of food at camp. So much food I find that I could rest spam for weeks and still have enough. So why bother with food at all?

And even IF I start running out, I can just spend a few gold and buy more and send to camp.

Annoyance. MORE senseless item management. It therefore has no value.