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Sounds good to me. The current food system at least does not make much sense as a restriction for long rests. I would not mind it as payment for fast traveling, too.

I have no DnD experience but managing your resources seems to be a thing in TT. I'm not sure wether it would fit BG3, there are some fights where I would never ever like to go into exhausted. I'm still not decided wether I will play a Ranger or Barbarian or Priest at release. So, in case of the first I'm of the opinion that we need a very restrictive system for long rests, of course, in case of the second or third I'm of the very firm opinion that of course we need easy resting ... smirk

It depends on what resources you're talking about. TT does not force you to micromanage tons and tons of useless junk like forks and spoons and knives and plates. It also does not force you to micromanage food. Usually you might buy a week's worth of rations, which you would mark down as 7 rations. The DM would then say you have traveled for 7 days. You might need to think about getting more food. That would be about the gist of your item resource management.

If we're talking about spell slot management, that is where D&D forces a player to concern themselves with resource management. Spell slots limit the spellcaster so that they aren't hurling massive damage spells every combat and thus making other classes practically worthless.

This is where resting comes into play. If a spellcaster can long rest after every battle, then spell slot management is really pointless. That's why we are trying to work out some sort of camping solution where resting is at least limited in some fashion so that spellcasters can't just replenish their spells constantly.