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Bcs you dont have to take even 1 of them with you ... duh.

Or they can die ... even more duh. :-/

Let's get this part out of the way.

Respectful= "Bcs you dont have to take even 1 of them with you."

Respectful= "Or they can die."

Disrespectful= "Duh.". This is the same thing as saying to someone, "You're an idiot and a moron. The statement you made is absolutely idiotic. Why are you even speaking or presenting ideas, Neanderthal."

Disrespectful= "even more duh.". This emphasizes that you think the person's idea is even more stupid and moronic. So, you took the first "duh" and multiplied it 10 times, making it that much more insulting.

Would you talk to your mama that way - or your boss? If you thought their ideas were maybe a bit silly or wrong, would you be so disrespectful? If so, then that explains a lot.

My mama would have slapped my face off if I said something like that to her. I did once. Yeah. I just said, "duh" and nearly got my butt whooped. I can't imagine if I said, "even more duh."