Agree, there are not much reasons to use powers instead of "hmm, and what whould happen if I press that line" or "I want to see all dreams".
So technically I use them not because I am in hard situation. But I use them just out of curiosity. It just a fun way to play, not some dangerous and mysterious brain worm that can potentially control you.
You can easily play without using that power. Why using power on goblins if you can just convince them? Why using on duergar if you can show them mark/or lie?

In SW its like: "It is easy to fall to the Dark side and hard to stay at Light side" and here is " It is so easy to stay at Light side and little reasons to fall to the Dark side" laugh
And if you play as drow its even easier, because places where you can use that power even out of curiosity are skipped because you are a drow! laugh
When I put myself a goal to see all dreams I found that it was really not an easy task! Well, yes, if that would have been a full game with a lot of locations/quests etc... But for now it is much harder to become a real True Soul then to stay without that powers.

So that tadpoles and their powers doesn't look like a real in-game mechanics... but rather a tadpole of a mechanics laugh

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Commanding a goblin so you don't have to fight is kinda weak. Some may not like fighting and might use it, but I would think few would be tempted. However, if you were surrounded by 2 dozen goblins all ready to kill you, and if you don't use the tadpole you're pretty much dead - THAT'S as serious temptation.

Well, if you use too much power that two druergars-traitors in Grymforge wont help you! laugh
That doesn't really make much sense for me but yes, that is how the game punishes you for using that power smile

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But it would be nice if they adapt something simmilar to how Emperor Valkorion tempt you in Star Wars the Old Republic (the MMO) ...
In certain situations time stops and Valcorion come to your pc ... claiming that he can easily solve your problem, if you submit to his power ...

That would look great, imho. Not that Valkorion really solved any problem in unique way (I mean if you wont use his proposition the situation will be solved with the same result anyway, but that is the problem caused by MMO), but the idea and example of temptation is really good. Especially with the potential for single-player RPG.
It can really make players to think twice or make hard choises.

Because now it is just "Oh, that tadpole looks suspicious, I shouldnt use it... and zero problems with not using it"