Warning players that "changing these settings means you will not have the intended experience" sounds to me like the good way to manage developers' vision, difficulty and accessibility. I don't have the links in mind right now, but doesn't Celeste and other games praised for their approach to difficulty do that ?

Oh yeah, Celeste and Darkest Dungeon. Here's a video (listenable as podcast) discussing difficulty. Here's an article.

Max Party Size could simply be a slider in the difficulty options. The game would just let you know that if you increase it, from its original value of 4, you are making the game easier.

It would then be up to the players to pick other difficulty options to counter-balance that (e.g. slide Enemy A.I. to "Smarter than default", or increase Enemy Numbers, or, if it comes to that, increase Enemy Stats).

As a quick aside : to some extent, I wonder if allowing parties of 6 might incentivise Larian to improve/rework the control scheme and party movement systems. Also, I'm assuming that we may have occasionally more than just the Companions to control anyway (allies/NPCs to escort like Sazza, summons, etc). So it would not be a new incentive, just a stronger one.

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