88 pages of back and forth.

I think people want party of 6. I don't understand the resistance.

Here's the solution I've been trying to present/suggest:

Difficulty setting

Option 1. Based on party of 4 with current EA settings. If you don't want party of 6. Great. Play Party of 4 with this Option 1 difficulty setting. It's built for Party of 4. The description could say, "Built for Party of 4 with Larian homebrew.

Option 2. Based on party of 6 with proper D&D 5e settings and rules. Intellect Devourers actually devour intellect and have resistance. Imps have resistance and can sting. Description reads, "Built for Party of 6 with D&D 5e ruleset and few Larian homebrew rules. Warning: This setting recommends that you create a Party of 4 Custom Characters to start. Most encounters assume you will have at least a party of 4 or more."

Basically, what I'm saying is, if they were to release the game right now, it is balanced for Party of 4. If they gave the option for Party of 6, it would be too easy as is currently. I'd still like that, mind you, as I don't particularly like gruelling RPGs that make me save scum, but the point is that it would be way too easy for many people who want a party of 6.

Besides that, many people want a better D&D 5e experience with closer to RAW rules. If they didn't change any of the encounters at all (meaning they changed nothing in regards to how many monsters or the types of monsters), if they implemented 5e rules more closely, that in and of itself would make the game impossible for a party of 4. You'd die right away in the prologue or on the beach. Fighting 3 imps with 2 level 1 characters is suicide and fighting intellect devourers with 2 level 1 or 2 characters is also suicide. However, if you increase it to party of 4 to start with the ability to go to party of 6, 3 imps aren't impossible, and are challenging but not deadly. 3 intellect devourers is still pretty deadly, but if you know not to run up to them and fight them at close range - something Shadowheart warns you about - then you should be able to beat them with a party of 5 (including Shadowheart).

So, that's why I'm saying, if they DON'T give us Party of 6, a lot of people are going to be upset about it - 88 pages worth of back and forth. If they give us party of 6, and balance it with 5e rules as a difficulty, then if you don't want to have a party of 6, but a party of 4 or 5, you're fine. Play it however you like. Refuse to let more people in your party than 4 or 5. Play it on the difficulty that is more designed for that party size. Shoot, like someone said, they could even set a slider so that if you REALLY can't limit yourself in the game itself, you can limit yourself via a slider in the options menu.

But think of it from the other perspective. If they don't give us the option of Party of 6, we're stuck - especially if you want to play it with 4 actual players. We can't play party of 6 unless we want to download some questionable download from some random website we don't trust and cause the game to potentially crash on us constantly because it doesn't work quite right with the game because Larian won't just give us the option to go to 6. And if you play with 4 actual players, even if you do the modder party of 6 download thing, you still can't do party of 6 because the game still forces you to drop someone, add them back, and then you can add more than 4. Since you can't drop player characters, you can only play up to 3 players if you want to use the party of 6 mod. You can't even play 4 players and party of 6.

But, if they do it in reverse and let people create a max party size of 6, EVERYONE can be happy because those who just want 4 can still have 4 all day long simply by limiting themselves to 4.

YOU be the one to say, "Sorry Lae'zel. We're full up. Can you just go to my camp and wait for me there?"

Then let me say, "Yes, Lae'zel. Four is definitely not full up. Please. Join me. I'd love to have five party members. If I could have six or eight I would. The more the merrier because DANG, we're going up against some pretty serious monsters. Imps and devourers, and we just got started. Who KNOWS what's coming?"

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