Right. To be clear, we want the ability to play party of 6 without having to use a mod. Even if they don't create difficulty settings or implement 5e rules and monster stats, we want them to give us the ability to change a number from 4 to 6 so we can do what the mod does without needing to mod the game.

Party of 6 is tremendously rewarding to me, when the game didn't crash. I enjoyed having ALL the origin characters in the party at one time. They interacted more. I felt like everyone was useful - no lazy bums sitting at camp idling away the hours. Battles were more manageable. I didn't have to save scum. I didn't have to long rest scum. I spread weapons and equipment out better so that not even everyone had all the best gear by the end of EA.

It was glorious!

Except for the game crashing because it didn't like being modded. It happened a lot, and saves would also crash, not letting me reload. I had to learn to save multiple times each time just in case.

Oh, and I really want to create 4 custom characters and still have 2 origin in the party. I'd love to see how that experience differs.

But I can't because they won't give us the simple ability to change a number.