I hate mods. Tried it with party of 6. Constantly get "Your save file is corrupt" and the game crashes frequently.

For something SO simple, why? Just freaking let players have the ability to select how many they want in their party. If the player wants 6 or even up to 8, the game CAN do it... So just let us do it? That's all we're asking.

If all we have to do is change a dang number from 4 to 6 or 8 in some stupid mod, then Larian can easily let us change that number in an option screen OR just build it into the game that you can have up to 8 party members, and if you don't want to have a party of more than 4, don't party with more than 4.

You can ALWAYS choose to play with 4 if they make the max size 6 or 8. You can't EVER make the party size more than 4 if they limit the max size to 4.

And as far as game balance goes... That's a Difficulty settings issue. They can create a Difficulty setting more for party of 4 balance and one more for party of 6 or 8 or whatever.

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