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Are you serious?
Deadly serious.

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If I hack a game and it crashes, it could be for a million reasons.
True ...
But you didnt "hack" anything ... you simply opened a file and changed single value. wink

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One tiny piece of code is thrown out of whack and the whole thing freezes.
Yup ...
And that is bcs that rest of the thing is build on that single piece of code ...

Just an example ...
So our characters dont end stuck in each other, game can have some kind of colission detection, that will control personal space for every member of our party ...
Its set and prepared for 4 characters ... you changed single value, nothing else ... sudently the colission detection mechanism have 6 inputs to work with, but can still only work with 4, since that is what it was written for.
Result? > Crash.

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The mod SEEMS to be only a number change, but is it?
Yes, it is.
(Actualy that may be the problem. laugh )

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What did the modder have to do to create the tool used to mod it? Did he/she change part of a code that now causes more game crashes?
I dont think so ...
In older games you can easily open their code in notepad and rewrite anything you want ... this is basicaly what we do here, its just a little more complex ...
And we get nice UI so we dont have to read it whole line after line. laugh

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On the other hand, if Larian adjusts the code, they know what the frick they're doing.
Every experienced programator know what they are doing ...
Its not some magic box, where only creator can understand its content. wink

It would be easier for Larian to determine where colisions, causing Crashes can be tho ... i gues you wanted to say something like that.

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So, they can make sure it all lines up right and doesn't crash.
And that is exactly that extra work i was talking about ...

Right now they have ... well, not perfectly, but adequately stable system that works ...
What would be their reason to invest money and resources to create another?

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