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A lot of the camp and narrative stuff is tied to the time of day. Id rather things stay as is honestly

That's why it's interresting to make the time pass according to short rests.
First of all, Larian consider that you long rest in the end of each days. As you said many things are builded arround that (story, cinematics,...) We should not forget it.
We should also think about multiplayer.

Solution 2 would not work imo.
With a clock, would we have to wait until the end of the day to long rest ?
Fine, but then they'll have to add a "wait" button that would make the system exactly as it is now, but with an additionnal button to eventually click on before long resting.
And what happen if it's the end of the day but you just have waited to play at night ? You have to end the day and to long rest ?
Not very interresting in the end.

If I understand well, solution 3 mean 2 long rest per day, wich doesn't match with the initial statement and what's already done...

Tied to short rests, you have the exact same system as now but with different ambiances depending how many times you've short rested (day, afternoon, night).

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