GM4Him, I just want to re-iterate what mrfuji3 said in the previous thread, that is to say, be careful about being overly specific.

I'll restate what I have already expressed elsewhere, and still firmly believe in :

  • Feedback is not design. The designers and developers make the game. We give our opinion on it.

    I highly doubt that, if there were willing to change a game feature (e.g. No Day/Night Cycle, Schrödinger Resting Camp that is findable-in-the-world yet in a secure pocket plane, Freely Usable Long Rests, etc), the devs would comb through the mass of variants that some players have brainstormed and say "oh yeah, that one is a good idea, let's implement it this way".

  • Good feedback is about what we players like/dislike in the current version of the game. And ideally an explanation of why something does not work.

    Whether this it an explanation of why a design choice is demonstrably bad, or an explanation of why it does not resonate with you.

Currently, the poll mixes "are you fine with No Day/Night Cycle or do you feel like there should be a Day/Night Cycle ?" with "how would you implement a Day/Night cycle ?".

In my view, the only valuable information from this poll is the number of people who voted 1 versus number of people who voted something else. If some Larian devs was to look at this, or someone collecting the forum feedback for Larian was to process this before passing it on, they would have to tally up the results for answer 2 to 5. That's extra work and, still in my view, we should keep feedback simple and easy to process.

Also, for players who want to contribute, you are making us read through 5 detailed options ... again, that's extra work. Keep it simple.
Also, what if someone is very close to your option 2, but disagrees with the "1 second of playing the game = 1 second in the game world" ? What should they choose ?
Personally, I voted for an option at random between 2 and 5.

Hoping we'll be able to create great assumptions-free Custom Characters and be given great roleplay options.