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I hate you all, by the way.
In the end it doesn't really change much, it's not like Larian was ever going to change path now, during their final rush to complete the game anyway.
But the last thing I expected was to see people opt in mass for the blatantly WORST design choice among the proposed ones, and not even by a nose but by a landslide.

The lack of a night /day cycle is something that will weight on the overall quality of BG3 even years after its release, like the shitty Diablo-like randomized itemization did on DOS 2.
And there will be no way around it, since it's beyond the scope of what modding could address.

Roaming through the streets of a city that will know no proper night and will be stuck to a perpetual noon (outside of few scripted scenes) will be a massive fucking bummer, for instance.
When with a more ambitious developer we could have got dusks and dawns coloring the scenery, street lights turning on one by one, thieves and vampires ambushing the party at night, etc, etc.
Basically a metric fuckton of mood and atmosphere to enhance the illusion of being in a believable, living virtual world.

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