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Why not ask for what you want and if you get it, yay? If not, well, at least you asked.
Mostly because Larian would need to impliment day&night in a very impactful way for it to be desirable. Have NPCs work on schedule. Shops/nightlife open and close in certain times. Quests that can be done in certain times of day. Have players pick times of day tactically to achieve their goals. That would be too fundamental change, touching too many aspects of the game for it to be just added. And don't take me wrong, if you would tell me "AAA cRPG" that it kind of stuff I would hope for. But we already know it is not what we are getting.

At this point, if they would cave in, the best they would do is a cosmetic day and night - and I don't particularly care for it. I'd rather save my breath here, and complain about what we have and how Larian can make BG3 we have better, then dream of what could have been, if BG3 wasn't structured like it is.

"You jounrey during the day, sleep at night" could work alright. My current petpeve is that I don't feel the balance between exploring and resting is good - I don't think I rest enough, resulting in eternal day and me missing companion interactions. Exhaustion mechanic? Maybe communicated through change in lighting to transition smoother into night camp?