This isn't a binding poll; Tuco is right that it will have literally zero effect on Larian's decisions. The most use it will have will be as evidence in future arguments on this forum, so you should say what you ideally want. That'll make it more likely that the results support your point-of-view. >:)

Something something <insert recent real world hypothetical example where people vote for the option they think has the best chances instead of the option they'd most prefer, resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy> (yes I realize your reasoning is slightly different @Wormerine)
Mods can we get ranked choice polls? XD

Originally Posted by Tuco
But the last thing I expected was to see people opt in mass for the blatantly WORST design choice among the proposed ones, and not even by a nose but by a landslide.
Ah, you must be new here. Welcome to the BG3 forums!

Though, if you combine options 2-5 which are all FOR day/night cycle, then FOR wins 9 to 4. I wouldn't call that a landslide for "No day/night cycle"