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Why not ask for what you want and if you get it, yay? If not, well, at least you asked.
Mostly because Larian would need to impliment day&night in a very impactful way for it to be desirable.
Hard disagree and counterpoint:

even the most basic, lazy, half-assed implementation of a day/night cycle used almost exclusively as a cosmetic variable would already be a massive improvement over the alternative to have your fictional world permanently stuck in a perpetual noon.

And this is without even beginning to consider all the mechanical options that having one could potentially open if they wanted to go the extra mile, like context-sensitive encounter design, a PROPER tracking for the passage of time (instead of abstract hyper-time in Daylight Land), variable NPC scheduling and more.

That aside, aside for the specificity of my preference here, I'm with GM4Him even in principle. I don't see the point in voting according to a "prediction of what it will most likely happen".
No one is asking you guys to guess the winning number for the lottery, but to talk about features you would prefer in the game.

Case in point: I predict that Larian will never implement a decent control scheme in this game, but sure as fuck I'm not happy in the slightest about it and I won't go defending that choice.

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Though, if you combine options 2-5 which are all FOR day/night cycle, then FOR wins 9 to 4. I wouldn't call that a landslide for "No day/night cycle"
No, I meant it was the worst option available by a landslide.
I wasn't strictly commenting on how well it was doing (even if it's still doing far more well than it deserves, anyway).

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