I know I put out 5 options and some are like, "Why not 2? Day/Night or No Day/Night."

The point is obviously made that options 2-5 are all people wanting Day/Night. It's not hard to see that and tally up numbers. If they literally can't do that, they shouldn't be making a video game.

I mean, I knew beforehand that most would vote FOR Day/Night. So I included as many options as I could think of to show which implemention of Day/Night was most popular. I felt a simpler poll would be pointless.

I'm honestly hoping for option 2 or 3, and voted for 3 mainly because I think 2 is a bit too time focused and unnecessary. Option 3 allows for a more ambiguous passing of time that isn't so focused on a clock. I honestly never cared what time it was in BG1 and 2 or icewind Dale etc. I only cared whether it was Daytime or Nighttime and whether I got bonuses or negatives to rolls. I also like 2 Long rests per 24 hours so time passes a bit slower than current. Makes more sense from an adventuring standpoint.

Option 2 would require a ton of extra work for not a ton of impact to game functionality besides immersion. Don't get me wrong. It would certainly be a LOT more like BG1 and 2 if they did option 2, but I don't think it's worth it. Option 3 does pretty much the same job with much less complexity.