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voted 2 , but would have voted the 'any way you want it Larian, just try to do some kind of D/N thing, please it's really important IMO' option if there were one... I agree this post is mixing up questions and would better be split in two questions: do you want D/N ? & how do you want D/N ?

Except that by voting for ANY option but 1, you are saying you want day/night - any form of day/night, but your preference is 2.

Except that I like your idea to poll people's opinion on D/N but I regret you ignored people rightfully asking to stick to more univocal, one concept at the time questions and answer categories as besides being just bad practice, it also makes any argument you'll try to distill from these polls less valid, more open to criticism and might confuse or shun potential participants thereby further biasing your results. Anyway, not here to discuss survey methodology or go on a pedantic rant, there's more than enough resources available online for you if you want to learn more about how to design better questions/answer categories.

My apologies that you feel that I ignored you. Honestly, I wasn't trying to ignore anyone or be rude. It's all about what I wanted to know. I knew a majority of people wanted SOME form of Day/Night - or at least I suspected as much. So I thought why create a poll for something I already figured people wanted as a majority? Besides, if I really wanted to know what the majority wanted, whether Day/Night or no Day/Night, I could just tally up the options that wanted SOME form of Day/Night.

Like so:

24 votes for Day/Night. (86% of the votes)
4 votes for no Day/Night. (14% of the votes)

More specifically, people want a Realtime clock experience like BG1 and 2.

This really surprised me, actually. I didn't realize that Realtime clock was so important to a majority. I knew people wanted it, but I thought people would gravitate towards one of the more simpler Day/Night Cycle approaches.

Anyway, I can't edit polls once they're made, so the only thing I can do at this point is create a 3rd Day/Night cycle poll - or someone else can if they really want a more accurate Day/Night vs. No Day/Night poll. Is that really worth it? Probably not, but I would certainly vote if someone created one.